Bigwig The Wizard

Bigwig the Wizard

Bigwig is a wizard of uncertain age, who will certainly make a big impression at your event…..

Bigwig Storytelling 2

He has a special wizarding magic show, perfect for those budding Hogwarts student parties.

Bigwig is also a fantastic storyteller, from the fairy princess tales through to the spooky. He is very busy when book week at schools comes around, so make sure you give him plenty of notice to weave his magic. Sending him an owl is one option, although sending him an email will be faster.

Some memorable performances include:

  • Corporate Lord of the Rings parties
  • Shopping Centres
  • Toy festivals
  • and even a corporate event, in Lopburi, Thailand.
Bigwig is perfect for birthday parties, weddings, promotions, fetes, walkabout and storytelling at libraries and schools.